Getting real about Covid with real people’s stories

  • Client CDC Foundation
  • Deliverable Four :30 spots
  • Timeline 1 month pre-pro, half-day shoot/video
  • Budget $$ ($15,000 - $50,000)
  • Awards 2022 MKE 99's Merit Award
Lynne directs a cameraman and the interview subject on how to create the best shot.

The Problem

Covid-19 vaccine misinformation has been plaguing the United States—with particularly devastating consequences for the Black and African American communities.

The CDC Foundation partnered with CMRIgnite to formulate a strategic response and create messaging that would resonate with audiences and garner results. CMRIgnite tapped Ski Team to find a way to bring this message to life with video assets for broadcast and OTT campaigns.

A cameraman shooting a barber with a customer.

The Solution

Ski Team cast, wrote, and filmed real stories within the community to give first-person testimony to CMR’s strategic messaging. Directors Lynne and Ryan focused on all the beautiful details of the subject’s real-life scenarios and allowed their own words to reinforce the narrative.

These docu-style videos aired in the southern United States, combating misinformation about vaccine ineffectiveness, breastfeeding, and home remedies.