Assembly videos that show you how with lots of “Wow!”

  • Client Serial 1 E-Bicycles
  • Deliverable Three step-by-step product assembly videos
  • Timeline 2 months (2 shoot days)
  • Budget $ (< $15,000)
Two members of the film crew set up the backdrop for an e-bike on the Serial-1 video shoot.

The Problem

While on its face, creating a step-by-step assembly video would appear simple and “easy,” Serial 1 knew it needed experienced production professionals to get its bike-assembly videos exactly right for the audience. A multipage instruction booklet just wasn’t going to cut it for Serial 1’s tech-savvy customer base.

The team knew video was the answer—and that it needed the same quality and polish synonymous with the Serial 1 brand.

A closeup of the bike's wheels through the view of the camera.

The Solution

Serial 1 recruited Ski Team to help think through the production process, create a rock-solid plan for the shoot day, and ensure a fast turnaround on post-production to get the content live in time for the company’s upcoming product releases.

Ski Team scouted the perfect locations that represented the “vibe” each class of bike called for and pulled together an ace crew to shoot beautiful footage of each and every detailed step during 10-hour shoot days.

A closeup view of the camera filming the bikes on the set of the Serial-1 video shoot.

The Result

These assembly videos have garnered nearly 30,000 views on YouTube as well as glowing and grateful reviews from Serial 1’s customers.