Animation as education for a teen audience

  • Client UW-Madison Extension Office
  • Deliverable Three :60+ animated videos
  • Timeline 3 months
  • Budget $ (< $15,000)
  • Awards 2022 MKE 99's Merit Award
An illustration of hands holding up letters that spell "Health Equity."

The Problem

When tasked with educating and motivating teenage audiences, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Extension program knew it needed content that was engaging from start to finish. For its Youth Advocates for Community Health (YACH) initiative, not only did the team want to hold the audience’s attention while explaining the abstract concept of health equity, it wanted its young audience to feel empowered to work for equal health opportunities for people in their own communities. The team at UWME weren’t sure what exactly they needed…but they knew they needed the right help! Enter Ski Team.

An illustration of 9 happy and diverse people.

The Solution

Knowing that colorful designs and short-form content often had the best success with young audiences, UW-Extension asked Ski Team to help concept and create three animated videos that would educate the audience on the abstract concepts of health equity, the social determinants of health, and policy, systems and environmental change.

An illustrated map of the USA.

The Unusual

Ski Team’s punchy scripts impressed the most impactful stats and information on the viewer, while Blu Blu Studios’ colorful and geometric animations held the audience’s attention with inventive transitions from scene to scene.

An illustration of a person viewing a map on a computer.

The Result

With the client’s vast array of data and research and Ski Team’s vast array of production experience, this video campaign went beyond just a teen audience. It proved educational and engaging for everyone who watched it and was featured in the 2022 Milwaukee 99 awards, winning recognition in the :60+ video campaign category.