“To know your enemy, you must become your enemy” – Sun Tzu

…or at least, subscribe to your enemy, mess around with your enemy, learn how your enemy works and hope your enemy’s work isn’t that good. And while A.I. isn’t really our enemy (yet), we’re keeping tabs on it.

Without further ado, we present:


Script writerChat GPT A.I. via the following prompt: “Write a 60 second comedy movie trailer for a film about Lynne teaching Ryan how to downhill ski”

Voiceover – James Earl Jones (via Eleven Labs A.I.)

Dialogue – Ryan Dembroski (via Eleven Labs A.I.) & Lynne Fraser (via Eleven Labs A.I.)

Video Footage – Runway A.I.

Music TrackSuno A.I.

Goat Sound FXChat GPT A.I. via the following prompt: “GHAAHAHFHAEHFAHAHEHBLEEEH!”

Creative Direction & Prompt Generation – Lynne (Wisnefski) Fraser

Source Photography Andrew Feller (See gallery below)

GFX Design – Betsy Tait via Lightburn Digital Agency

Video Editing – Ryan Dembroski

Other Movie Soundtrack Songs – Suno A.I. (Check those out in the gallery below)

Source Imagery:
Movie Soundtrack Songs:

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