A boat budget that didn’t break the bank

  • Client Edelweiss Boat Cruises
  • Deliverable One :60 video, video & photo content libraries
  • Timeline 1 month (2 shoot days)
  • Budget $ (< $15,000)

The Problem

Edelweiss Boat Cruises needed to advertise that its fleet was available for private charter and wanted to communicate how fun, easy, and memorable an Edelweiss boat cruise could be for events like birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and corporate events. 

On top of that need, the budget for content was limited, which made for the biggest production challenge of all.

The Solution

While going through the discovery process with Edelweiss, Ski Team put on its thinking caps and determined how best to showcase the “good times” to be had on an Edelweiss boat cruise.

We noticed how prevalent it was for clients to take selfies and group photos on their phones while on the water and loved the idea of harnessing “user generated content” to tell the Edelweiss story. This helped the brand stay true to its pillar of “authenticity” and was a great way to generate footage without the high costs of a multi-camera shoot.

Lynne poses at the Edelweiss Cruises photoshoot with an old-fashioned ship steering wheel and a PFD.

The Unusual

Ski Team invited local marketing professionals and production crew to come out for a night on the boat and capture special moments on their phones for us to use in our video edit.

Not only did we have a blast partying on the lake on a beautiful summer night, more importantly, we captured a ton of awesome content in the process.